Compatibility Notes


Open Inventor® 10.0 Beta4 (May 2018) 

Older compatibility notes

Please at least glance through these compatibility notes so that you are not surprised by any differences in behavior between this release and the previous release.

Technical overview

You should completely recompile existing applications after installing a new version of Open Inventor.

New APIs

Usually this section lists all the new APIs introduced into major version of Open Inventor. Because Open Inventor 10.0 introduces many changes, we won't list them all here. To help you porting your application to Open Inventor 10.0 we invite you to access the How to upgrade from 9 to 10 to get all the needed information. You will find, just below, the main changes

Operating Systems

  • RHEL4 is no longer supported (Red Hat support ends February 2011).
  • RHEL5 is no longer supported (Red Hat support ends January 2014).
  • Windows Vista is no longer supported (Microsoft support ends April 2012).
  • Windows XP is no longer supported (Microsoft extra extented support ends April 2014).
  • OS X is not supported


  • Visual Studio 2008 is no longer supported (Microsoft support ends April 2013).
  • Visual Studio 2010 is no longer supported (Microsoft support ends July 2015).
  • JDK 1.8 is required for Java product

Open Inventor Java specific

  • JDK requirement has been be risen from JDK 1.6 to JDK 1.8.
  • On Windows, Open Inventor Java is based on the runtime of Visual Studio 2012.
  • On Linux, Open Inventor Java is based on the runtime of RHEL6.

Open Inventor API

  • C++/Java/.NET: methods set to deprecated before Open Inventor 8.0.0 have now been removed.
  • Java: The “mc” packages has been removed from the Open Inventor Java API and has been replaced by the “com.openinventor” packages instead.
  • The module FXViz has been removed from the API (bump mapping, particle animation and appearance preserving simplification).
  • Following modules have been removed from the API:
    • DirectViz
    • SolidViz
    • TerrainViz
    • ScaleViz
  • The VRML API has been removed.
    • Specifically, all the SoVRML classes (nodes and actions) have been removed from the API.
    • Import: Importing geometry from a VRML (.wrl) file is still supported.  Just use SoInput and SoDB::readAll() as usual.  The only change is that the resulting scene graph will now contain only standard Open Inventor nodes.
    • Export: It is not currently possible to export a scene graph to VRML format.  Please let us know if this is a requirement.
  • The IVF API has been removed.
  • The OpenFlight file reader has been removed.
  • The versions of third party library has been updated (e.g: Qt, Cuda,...)
  • Old Multipipe viewers have been removed as they were obsolete.
  • CG and ARB shaders support is no longer available.